Poems to cultivate detachment

Detachment is freedom from the dependence on external changing material items, relationships and situations for your happiness.

These poems have been written to help cultivate this state of detachment, so that a death or loss need not move you away from your peaceful core.

Written by Suraj Shah. Inspired by greatness. Dear mum, Today marks six years since we were last together, Yet it seems we have not been apart. You may not be here with us in person, Yet you live through each and every part of me. There are days I find myself drunk in the darkness, […]

Poem by Suraj Shah. Inspired by greatness. It’s 6am. I turn to give you a good morning kiss. But you’re no longer here. You’re no longer here and I miss you. It’s 7am. I prepare four slices of toast. But you won’t join me for breakfast. You’re no longer here and I miss you. It’s […]

Poem by Suraj Shah. Inspired by greatness. A young man lost his father. It hurts too much. Recently married with a demanding new life. With his father now gone, he blamed his wife. It hurt so much that he started to drink. It hurt so much that he had not paused to think. The damage […]

Poem by Suraj Shah. Sweet elderly lady, that lives just three doors down, Used to smile broadly, now carries a slight frown. Lived with her husband for sixty magnificent years, With his recent passing, she is overcome with tears. She struggles to cook, craves help from her man, Can’t manage alone, can’t even lift a saucepan. […]

Ladybird on a lady's eyebrow

Poem by Suraj Shah. Teeny tiny ladybird, swimming in the luke-warm camomile tea, Trying desperately to save from drowning, trying very hard to flee; My wife helps it onto the teabag, a makeshift vessel to it’s station, Taking the tiny being from it’s ocean of death, to it’s safe salvation. I gently pick up the […]

Poem written by Suraj Shah. Losing my mind. Losing my memory Memory like a sieve. Memory like a goldfish. That’s what I’ve heard said, When something’s been forgotten. I’m sorry, I forgot. Oops, I forgot. Ummmm, I forgot. Oh lord, I have forgotten. Lost thoughts. Lost words. Lost memories. Lost ideas. Gone but not forever. […]

Man at the edge of the dock, looking up at the clouds

Written by Suraj Shah. You’ll see the sky is clear, you’ll find you’re free from fear, The peace you feel is real, and your life is again filled with zeal. When you’re struggling in life, facing so much pain and strife, When you’re filled with despair, feeling that life is beyond repair, Let me show […]

Summer ends Days shorter Evenings cooler Nights longer Mornings later. I want more sun I want more light I want more warmth I want more. Summer ends. I want more.

Written by Suraj Shah. I believe London is ready to tame the rioter within. London’s blazin’, London’s streets gone crazy, There’s only madness and mayhem about. Why do these fierce Londoners riot and loot, What makes them scream and shout? It turns out that London merely reflects you and I, We must go deep within […]

Post image for The ultimate mark of friendship

Written by Suraj Shah. compassionate, straightforward, centred, fearless… a true friend. Friends. They come, they go. What makes the ultimate friend? Compassionate. Takes me to true happiness. That is the ultimate friend. Straightforward. Points out my faults. That is the ultimate friend. Vigilant. Warns of the obstacles. That is the ultimate friend. Forgiving. Harbours no […]

lady looking at her own reflection in the mirror

Poem written by Suraj Shah. … and why do I hold these things so dear? Looking in the mirror, straight into my own eyes, Dare I keep looking at myself, caught up in these toxic lies. Who is looking back at me?  How long will he be here? Who is he, really, and why is […]

walking away

Poem written by Suraj Shah. Time to wake up from this slumber, Time to put my mundane desires to the side… If I were to go today, would you notice me missing? If I were to stay today, would you notice me here? Doing much to keep me happy, Running far away from fear. Working […]