Inspired by the enlightened

Written by Suraj Shah

Ultimate credit for what I write at Live with loss goes to the enlightened.

The enlightened are those who are immersed in a state of eternal bliss, totally free from the mundane bonds of worldly life.

Having experienced the majesty of their soul, they have worked hard to free themselves of their trappings since beginningless time.

  • They no longer get caught up in attractions and aversions of the material world.
  • They no longer indulge in the passions of anger, greed, ego and deceit.
  • They feel no fear and no longer seek momentary happiness — they have everything and seek nothing.

The words of the enlightened are at the root of my writing, particularly words of those who have mindfully treaded the Jain path.

In my writing, I drink deeply from the wealth of the timeless Jain tradition.

You will find regular reference to the laws of karma and how they affect everything that we do and experience.

You will also read about values, qualities and attitudes that all surface from the great legacy of the enlightened.

I am blessed to be surrounded by marvellous friends, mentors and companions on this path of liberation and eternal bliss.

With respect and adoration for the enlightened and those who have illuminated their path so we too can tread it.