Hello, I’m Suraj and in my work I hold deep conversations with those seeking to rebuild their lives following a significant change or loss.

For instance, a change of role due to redundancy, retirement or when children have grown up and left the nest, the end of a relationship, or the death of a loved one.

We sit together and talk about how things are for you right now, explore possibilities for your life, identify a deeper purpose to commit into and then support you towards that.

Conversations tend to be filled with calm, curiosity and playfulness.

“Working with Suraj in our coaching conversations has helped quiet the noise, clear the clutter and answer so many questions that I have at this time in my life.

My kids have grown, it’s time to downsize (or is it?), perhaps travel, maybe a new job or a new hobby. So where do I see myself a few years from now. Five or ten years…?

Talking with Suraj has helped me to focus on the future – helped me to focus and move forward in my personal life and my work as a playwright.

His patience, compassion and personal connection make for such a beautiful place of calm… to reflect, discover and see what’s truly important.

We all have visions and dreams and if there’s anything holding you back, I do believe that working with Suraj will make a wonderful and magical difference in your days.

Absolutely amazing.”

– Diane Tuscher-Ancede, Playwright, USA

If you’re curious and would love to hear more, drop me a message and we’ll arrange a time to talk.