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Inspired by greatness, Suraj Shah brings his message of leading a calm and purposeful life to audiences who have lost a loved one.

Suraj, a personable speaker, creates an immersive atmosphere at talks and workshops.

As part of a mutually-encouraging group, audiences will discover the strength to address important questions for their individual path, while exploring deep insights with lightness of heart.

Themes include:

  • Happiness in an ever-changing world
  • Letting go of control to feel great
  • Healing, not numbing, the pain of loss
  • Benefits of bereavement support
  • Overcoming the fear of living alone
  • Attachment-free relationships
  • The magic of last day living
  • Recovering from regret
  • Calm inducing rituals
  • How to support someone at a time of loss
  • Bringing the community together at a time of loss

… and more – Suraj is willing to collaborate on a theme tailored to your audience’s needs.

Speaking at events for groups

Suraj delivers talks and runs workshops for:

  • students: primary school; secondary school; college; university
  • young professionals
  • religious & spiritual groups
  • local communities & councils
  • companies & business groups

Invite Suraj to speak and facilitate an engaging workshop at your next event, whether online or in person.

Visiting a town near you

Although Suraj is primarily based in London, England, he may be visiting a town near you. Invite him to speak at an event when he visits your town or request a special visit at some other time.

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