Spirit of youth

Written by Suraj Shah.

Feeling lethargic, run down and bored in life? Spend time with someone younger, someone with a youthful spirit, someone with a sparkle in their eyes — it’ll shift your mood.

With my wife out of town, I wasn’t looking forward to coming to an empty home after work today. I had plenty to do, but was missing her company. Feeling tired and bored, I had a little post-work nap and then headed out to take my cousin brother for a birthday dinner and dessert treat, still feeling a little drowsy.

Spending a few hours with my just-turned 19 year old cousin, I felt something shift within me. The lethargy flew away, while curiosity and energy filled me.

For a 19 year old, Arjun is doing really well. He has met all his goals — attending a world-class university, recording for a band in a professional studio, recording an orchestra and sound engineering live Jazz performances. He is currently living with no goals.

He is totally debt-free, self-sustaining and doesn’t need to borrow money from his parents. He refuses to take a student loan regardless of the investment potential, so he is not weighed down by the loan.

Arjun works hard and keeps doing the work he loves. He is my inspiration. Spending just a few hours with him made me feel great and woke me up to my own inner youth.

If you are feeling a little lazy or bored, here are some tips for shifting the funk and immersing in life’s jazz:

  • Spend a few hours with someone younger than you.
  • Learn about their life right now — what they are working on, how they behave and what drives them.
  • Seek out the youthful spirit in those around you — in your local community, at the office, at the bus stop.
  • Look out for people who walk with a spring in their step, stop them and find out what they love about life.
  • Glance at people’s eyes and look out for that sparkle. Smile at them and let their smile back illuminate your whole self.