Saved the ladybird from drowning, but then crushed it

Poem by Suraj Shah.

Teeny tiny ladybird, swimming in the luke-warm camomile tea,
Trying desperately to save from drowning, trying very hard to flee;
My wife helps it onto the teabag, a makeshift vessel to it’s station,
Taking the tiny being from it’s ocean of death, to it’s safe salvation.

I gently pick up the mug and move it to the edge of the bathroom sink,
Take the teabag out, place it on the edge, save the insect from the drink;
Feeling proud that I saved this soul from experiencing a tragic fateful end,
I go downstairs to get another drink, but I fail to fully comprehend.

For when I return back up, I absent mindedly head straight to the loo,
I go to sit down, without a second thought, commence a number two;
Then when I look down, and what do I see, a shocking new discovery,
I’m responsible now, for killing this ‘bird, from this life it really did flee.

Isn’t it strange how, when we try really hard, to repair a difficult situation,
That with the best of intent, and no harm meant, we destroy God’s creation;
It turns out, that’s how it was meant to be, the end the ladybird did meet,
Saved from the water, lived a bit longer, ultimately crushed beneath my feet.

(Photo courtesy of Hamed Saber)

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