Deep inner calm

A friend’s grandfather died this week. The family report that in his final moments he said his goodbyes and passed away peacefully.

The state of samadhi maran, the ultimate final moment, is one in which you have a totally peaceful inner state, regardless of the physical pain at the end of life.

All the work we do in this life is to cultivate that deep inner calm, so that there is zero turbulence (free from attraction, desire, aversion, hatred, sorrow, etc.) in the most troublesome of moments in life, including at the time of death.

As it is currently Paryushan in the Jain calendar – eight days of introspection, contemplation, repentance and forgiveness – we have the opportunity to look deep within and let go of the remorse of unfulfilled desires and harboured resentment towards others. Lighten the load by letting go.

What are you willing to do to seek, cultivate and protect your calm?


“The house was once filled with kids, but since my wife passed away…”, says the 63 year old man, “… nobody visits anymore – they’re all so busy with their own lives.”

The death of a loved one, particularly a husband or wife, can bring about loneliness. It can make you feel isolated, unwanted, unloved.

In the midst of isolation, seek that which brings calm and purpose in your life.

Calm living in 5 sentences

Written by Suraj Shah. Inspired by greatness

Everything that happens brings an opportunity to cultivate stillness.

Focus on the greatness that resides within everyone you interact with.

All that comes will inevitably go, and that’s OK.

Nothing can break you because you’re invincible.

Tread lightly, hold lightly, live lightly.